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Convocatoria para volumen colectivo: “The professional historian in public: old and new roles revisited”

Abierta hasta agosto 2021  

A ser publicado en De Gruyter in the series The Politics of Historical Thinking. Convocan: Convocan: Berber Bevernage (University of Ghent) y Lutz Raphael (University of Trier, Germany).
Dear colleague, 
I hope you forgive me for contacting you via this mailing list with a call for chapters concerning an academic project that is more personal than directly TAPAS related, but I do hope many of you will find it relevant.
Together with prof. Lutz Raphael (University of Trier, Germany) I am currently editing a book with the working title “The professional historian in public: old and new roles revisited”. The book will be published by De Gruyter in the series “The Politics of Historical Thinking”.
The core idea for this book was developed during a workshop we organized in New Delhi in March 2020. Several of the contributions to our volume are substantially reworked versions of papers that were presented at this workshop but we are also launching an open call for chapters to intellectually enrich and broaden the scope of  our book.
The book asks how professional academics have to deal with the new public demands on history in recent times and how they can salvage or reconstruct notions of expert authority (and what kind of “authority” they want to rely on) in the face of popularizations of the past, democratization of knowledge and the co-production of knowledge. It examines the changing role of professional historians, archeologists or anthropologists confronted with public discourses of authenticity, “the evidence of experience” or post-truth and alternative facts. It asks whether the way historians are involved in their case is new and what is new about it.
The contributions to the volume should try to answer the following questions:
1. What kinds of public demands are being placed on the past and what is the role of academics in their case?
2.  How is the conventional knowledge production and expert authority of these academics being challenged in the process?
3. By whom is it challenged (other professionals such as judges, journalists artists, or lay men, (populist) politicians etc) 
4. How have professional historians (up to now) been reacting to the challenging public demands placed on and uses made of the past?  Have they chosen to publically engage? How have they done so? and in which terms do these experts claim (epistemic) authority (discplinary rethorics, notions of objectivity? accuracy, neo-positivist truth claims etc)?
5. How should/could academics engage or react in the future?
If you are interested in contributing to our volume please send a proposal of 500 to 700 words by 1 August 2021 to Lutz Raphael (raphael@uni-trier.de) and Berber Bevernage (Berber.bevernage@ugent.be).
The deadline for the final chapters will be 15 November 2021.
Best regards,
Berber Bevernage (also on behalf of Lutz Raphael)

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